“How to you choose NB – IoT as the right TECHNOLOGY
to develop your FUTURE SOLUTION”

That is very important to choose the right IoT technology for your specific needs in developing solution

LPWA – NB (Narrow Band)- IoT as New Standard of IoT Technology Projects

LPWA Cellular NB IoT offers more interesting characteristic than the others technologies option. Strong points of it are designed by on purpose industrial grade, practical choice, secure and available. Thus, it will have long-terms deployment and continues standardization by 3GPP.

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Perfect Use Cases with NB - IoT

NB IoT has unique of features and capabilities such as low bandwidth rate (180 KHz), more extended & deep coverage (MCL 164 dB), small amount of data, idle & sleep mode and non-mobility support. Consider to uniqueness of NB IoT that solution is not suitable for mobile scenario and highly recommended to standby scenario.

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Know Modules before You Start Development

Module is important part while starting to development. Module will affect development process based on support of Libraries, Programming, Troubleshooting and Performance capability it self.

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