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IoT is short for Internet of Things. The Internet of Things refers to the ever- growing network of physical objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity, and the communication that occurs between these objects and other Internet-enabled devices and systems

Telkomsel start IoT solution from 2017 and has so many results :

  • TINC (Telkomsel Innovation Center) : Incubation for Developers & Startups

  • Fleet Management & Intank for Industrial Solution

  • Startups goes commercial : efishery, banopolis, mertani & many more

  • NB-IoT Network launch

Smart Devices are designation for tools that have ability to sense around circumstances, and help human to do their activity through its capability. IoT implementation is the one example of smart devices.

Website IoT lab is a bridge for you who want to know about IoT from the start until you are able to implement IoT as a solution that can be offered to help the community in carrying out its activities.

IoT Lab provides several facilities to support developers in building their solutions:

- Telkomsel IoT Kits

- Telkomsel IoT Platform

- Telkomsel IoT SIM

- Telkomsel IoT Lab

This facility can be borrowed and also purchased by IoT lovers developers.

IoT Lab provides a variety of modules, including:

- Simcom 7000e

- Simcom 7000c

- Quectel BC-95

- U-Blox N2

  • Low Power Consumption Enable to Live for 10 Years
  • High Capacity For Massive Sensor/ Devices
  • Strong Outdoor & Indoor Penetration Coverage

There are many industries that can use NB IoT, including:

- Agriculture

- Smart Farming

- Aquaculture

- Logistics

- manufacturing

- Smart City

- Energy & Utilities

- Smart Home

Confirmation will be done via email / your account for 3x24 hours, if it exceeds the specified time please contact the contact center.

The length of time given for lending is 3 months for TMT submission.

IoT Lab will take several actions, including:

- 2 weeks have not been returned, SP1 will be sent

- The next 1 week has not been returned, SP2 will be sent

- The next 1 week has not been returned, SP3 will be sent and reported to the authorities

The IoT Lab team will check the available devices first, then will provide information to the customer qty that can be lent.