Telkomsel Develop NB-IoT Solution through Collaboration with Efishery & Japfa

E-Fishery is the first ‘fishtech’ startup in Indonesia, provides an Internet of Things (IoT) solution and data platform for fish and shrimp farming businesses. The eFishery device is intended to plant fish feeds dependent on assigned time setting. The gadget is additionally outfitted with sensors to identify water quality and climate conditions around the pond. The information is gathered and ordered as a report to help farmers in breaking down environmental conditions. Telkomsel as the most leading telecommunication company in providing the IoT ecosystem in Indonesia showed the seriousness in IoT development by actualizing the application of NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) in Digital Fishery Village in Losarang aquaculture area, Indramayu regency. Telkomsel has collaborated with eFishery and Japfa through its subsidiary; PT Suri Tani Pemuka with the automatic fish feeder machine utilization to improve feed efficiency and speed up the harvest cycle.

"IoT is an important element in supporting the Indonesian government's roadmap Making Indonesia 4.0. Telkomsel continues to improve its technology and network readiness to overcome the growing IoT trend globally. Through collaboration between Telkomsel, eFishery and Japfa, proving that IoT technology has now been approved by all walks of life not only in large industries but can also be applied to all industrial sectors including the fisheries sector.

” -Andi Kristianto, Vice President Corporate Planning Telkomsel.